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Anker is the German word for anchor. It’s a name we love not only for its obvious connection to the sea that surrounds us, but even deeper for an anchor’s role as a reliable support - a mainstay - in sailing, and [as a metaphor] in life. It is our hope that the restaurant becomes an anchor for our North Fork neighbors and friends, just as our team is very much anchored to Greenport.

We are committed to extending our hospitality and good will beyond our restaurants and back into our North Fork community, especially Greenport Village. We actively seek out partnerships with local charitable organizations, and national hunger relief outfits. Our charitable giving and community investment is dedicated to a few areas that connect most with our team:

● Community Building

● Hunger Relief 

● Marine Conservation

● Music and the Arts

Donation Requests? Please email

Thank you for thinking of Anker as a business that could help make a positive impact on your organization. Please know that we may be unable to support every cause that comes our way, even when we truly believe in the mission.